Fred Brand, Jr.
Western Pennsylvania Golf Hall of Fame
Class of 2017

Inducted Thursday, September 28, 2017 at St. Clair Country Club

Fred Brand, Jr. is one of two players to win the West Penn Junior and West Penn Amateur championships in the same year (1927). Brand also won the Junior in 1925, and the Amateur again in 1941. A member of many golf clubs throughout the country, Brand won club championships at eight different clubs plus numerous senior titles. Brand was instrumental in the founding of the WPGA Scholarship Fund in 1941. A former president of the WPGA in 1955, the Pennsylvania Golf Association in 1961, and the Tri-State Section, PGA of America, he also served on the United States Golf Association Executive Committee from 1958-1969. Brand served as unpaid WPGA Executive Secretary from 1938-1949, and was a member of the PGA of America’s Advisory Board for 35 years. In 1997, the USGA awarded him its highest honor by naming him the recipient of the Bob Jones Award. Brand is also a member of the Tri-State Section PGA Hall of Fame.

About the WPGA
Founded in 1899, the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association is the steward of amateur golf in the region. Started by five Member Clubs, the association now has nearly 200 Member Clubs and 37,000 members. The WPGA conducts 14 individual competitions and 10 team events, and administers the WPGA Scholarship Fund.